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Tue 11th December
EVENING LECTURE: Individual Music Psychotherapy and Psychosis: Understanding and Measuring Effectiveness for Patients in Acute and Enduring States

Tuesday 11th December 2018 from 6.15pm

Schizophrenia is a “human experience with meaning, meaning that is hard to uncover, but it only takes patience, kindness, a tolerance for not understanding, a willingness to understand the human condition at its most painful, a tolerance for desperate defences, and a willingness to take psychoanalytic ideas seriously when patients talk about them. Understanding persons with schizophrenia means facing facts about ourselves, our families, and our society that we do not want to know, or to know again.” Frieda Fromm-Reichmann

Is it possible that Music Therapists, working in this clinical area in the NHS, find some facts difficult to face? Is it a fact, for example, that we are having a verifiable impact on the prognosis of our patients? What if we were to find out that our valiant efforts, in this regard, however well thought of by our wider teams and despite very positive feedback from service users, are currently futile? Would we really want to know? And if we did know, would we change the way we work?

Speaker Bio:

Andy Lale has worked as a music therapist for twenty years. He has been employed by CNWL NHS Trust, in this capacity, since 1999. He manages a team of arts psychotherapists for South Westminster and specialises in music psychotherapy with psychotic states. His clinical work, with this client group, focusses on transference and insight. His MA dissertation on Countertransference Enactment is available in the Tavistock Library. He has taught on the MA in Music Therapy at Roehampton University and now supervises other clinicians in this compound intervention. He also contributes to the ICAPT evening lecture series. Andy has created a series of online videos explaining the key ideas of this way of working. This study is an attempt to encourage interest more widely, in psychoanalytically informed music psychotherapy, for psychosis. Andy presented this study at the BAMPT conference, 2018.?

Note: Registration and refreshments from 6.15pm-6.30pm.

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