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Fri 15th November
European Music Therapy Day

15th November is European Music Therapy Day! Music therapists, the specialists in the field of music and health, will hold open house events and organise workshops. Special, heart-warming performances will take place. Some activities will be organised in the week before or after the 15th of November.

Beat the drum! is our theme this year. Beat the drum! is what everybody can do, and it brings a lot of joy when you beat the drum together in music therapy. It can also release tension or different kinds of feelings. To beat the drum has another meaning too, it's a saying that you "support something strongly". We would like people to support music therapy strongly, that's the reason we're celebrating EMTDay.

During European Music Therapy Day we’d like to send out a warm invitation to you, to join us. As music therapists we like to show everyone the power of connecting through music and the ways in which this can help people, who for whatever reasons are 'stuck', to make steps towards greater wellbeing.

Music plays an important role in our everyday lives. Music can stir memories and powerfully resonate with our feelings, helping us to express them and to communicate with others. Often we are not aware of how we are influenced by music. But research shows: music is good for our brains, it is wonderful for our bodies, it makes us move, and puts us in a good mood. Everybody can use the power of music by listening to music, playing a musical instrument or singing.

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