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Thu 26th September to Sat 28th September
CIM19 - Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology "Embodiment in Music"

Being situated at the crossroads of humanities and sciences, CIM19 aims to provide a meeting point for researchers, students, scholars, and performing artists interested is the rich interplay between Embodied Cognition and Music.

Embodiment is the idea that our mental life depends directly on our body - its internal biological norms, and its patterns of activity in the environment - rather than just on the brain. This view has stimulated a large body of work in both humanities and sciences, contributing novel fascinating perspectives in music scholarship.

What does it really mean for music cognition to be embodied?

The aim of this conference is to foster collaborations between scholars working in the humanities and the sciences to critically engage with this question, and explore the main theoretical, empirical, and performative challenges that embodiment poses in the musical domain.

CIM19 also provides a meeting point for those who wish to reflect upon, and interpret, the social, historical, epistemological, artistic, and even political aspects that emerge when embodiment is adopted as explanatory tool in musical contexts.

A pioneering interdisciplinary conference that shouldn't be missed!

Abstract submissions deadline: 1st February 2019
Registration will be open from May 2019.

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