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Thu 29th August to Sun 1st September
Certificate in Supportive Music and Imagery (SMI)

Integrative GIM Training Programme

Certificate in Supportive Music and Imagery (SMI)

29th August - 1st September 2019, 10am - 6pm (Thursday to Saturday), 10am – 4pm (Sunday)
Psychosynthesis Trust, 92-94 Tooley Street, London Bridge, London, SE1 2TH

Course information

Supportive Music and Imagery (SMI) is part of the contemporary spectrum of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) and Music and Imagery (MI) methods. SMI is intended to help clients focus on and develop a deeper connection to their inner strengths and resources through drawing, music listening and verbal processing. The method is suitable for use with a variety of populations, across age groups and in group settings. SMI can also be used for self-care by the therapist. 

The training will cover theory and practical application through didactic and experiential learning. Those who satisfactorily complete the practicum requirements and a post-practicum consolidation day will receive a certificate to practice SMI. Anyone wishing to undertake further training may then apply for the Diploma in Re-educative Music and Imagery (RMI), another relatively short training. In RMI a similar working method is adopted to help clients’ work on their emotional difficulties and related issues. An Advanced Diploma follows for those who wish to complete the full GIM training.

Dr. Sumi Paik-Maier, Europe’s leading SMI specialist, trainer, supervisor and researcher, will deliver the course. Dr. Paik-Maier taught SMI for 12 years alongside Dr. Lisa Summer, one of the world’s most respected GIM therapists who originally developed SMI and RMI. There is a growing body of research in SMI, and Dr. Paik-Maier is the first to have completed PhD research specifically in the method. She will be assisted by Suzannah Scott-Moncrieff, another experienced practitioner and supervisor who trained with and has assisted Dr. Summer’s trainings in the USA and China. 

Prerequisites for training
The certificate course in SMI is open to those qualified in music therapy, counselling, psychotherapy or similar, who have a minimum of 2 years post-qualification experience and are registered with a professional therapy organization or regulating body. 

Practicum requirements
• Develop and categorise a pool of SMI music.
• Give and receive 6 SMI sessions with a training colleague. 
• Deliver SMI to 2 clients, 6 sessions each.
• Intensive individual/small group supervision via video conferencing.
• Complete required reading.
• Complete case summaries and a self-reflective learning report.

Costs 4 day SMI Seminar (29/8 - 1/9) Early Bird £400 (before 30th June). Thereafter £450.
Supervision £450 
Consolidation day £100

Early booking is advised as numbers will be limited. An application form and further information are available from or through contacting Martin Lawes at

Video’s about GIM, MI and training can be found at

The Integrative GIM Training Programme is endorsed by the Association for Music and Imagery (AMI). Those who successfully complete the Advanced Diploma in GIM and MI are eligible to become Fellows of AMI. 

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