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Thu 26th July
39th Arts Therapies Forensic Conference

his team presentation is a work about “progress”; process, evolution and development. It grew from our experience of working together within the Therapeutic Communities of HMP Dovegate. We will think about the residents’ journey using the creative modalities we offered, to encourage debate around the impact of such work, on the individual, the team, the community and the wider prison and to seek support in thinking around the learning and the growth, the investment and the cost. The presentation will introduce you to individual resident group members and their creative expression; to give them a voice to tell you their story. We will consider how the impact of the creative experience deepened their insight and awareness, or perhaps proved too difficult and so was sabotaged and attacked. We will share our experience of how the projections and splitting and defences get played out; what gets re-enacted throughout the forensic layers and we’ll ask questions both of ourselves and the audience related to self-care and survival; when to speak, what to say, how to manage. We will invite you to embrace and engage with your own creativity, keeping in mind how FATAG may be perceived as both ‘family’ in one sense and ‘institution’ in another.

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