Successful Singing Group Leadership Training

30 September 2022 to 02 October 2022

An intensive training to run successful, enjoyable singing groups….
for singing-group-leader wannabees, newbies and ‘old-handers’ alike:

September 30th-October 2nd 2022,
plus 3 further zoom sessions by arrangement
February 24th-26th 2023,

plus 3 further zoom sessions by arrangement

In Forest Row, E. Sussex.
With Delia Rosenboom NVN, ATI, experienced
HeartSong Singing workshop leader, 
Alexander Technique Teacher & Life coach.

Whether new to running singing groups, looking for guidance and support, or an ‘old-hander’ looking for new ideas and inspiration, this is the workshop for you!
Three intensive, practical days, plus 3 x 2 hour follow-up sessions,
packed full of time-tested tips, tools and teaching skills to equip you to effectively run enjoyable, successful singing workshopsand choirs…whether in-person or on zoom.

Material will include:

*The Hows, Whys and Whats of Vocal Warm-ups*

*Song Teaching Tools, Tips and Trouble-shooting games*

*Intuiting the Group’s needs*

*Singing Material Appropriate to the Group*

*The Practicalities, Logistics & Finances of Setting up a Group*

*Ways to Ensure a Positive Experience for your group*

*Looking after Oneself & Vocal Hygiene*

*An opportunity to experiment with teaching ….*

*Singing, Breathing, Song Sharing…*

*Mentoring and support*



Delia 01342 825031 or