Racial Awareness in Music Therapy: Starting the journey to true EDIB

24 April 2021

In the light of resurgence of the #BlackLivesMatter movement over the past year and the changing discourse on race, equality and diversity across all sectors of society, an acknowledgement that music therapy has a lot of ground to cover in order to become conversant in this arena. Following from the recent BAMT Diversity Report 2020, this important event aims to further explore the current position of race in therapy settings with a view to make real change within the profession. Hosted by BAMT and chaired by Davina Wilson, the event aims to open up discussion around existing inequalities within the profession and wider field of music therapy. Davina will lead an esteemed panel who will share their narratives around race and racial inequalities which will lead to discussion in an open and inclusive forum.

Our panellists come from a variety of backgrounds all with a perspective on their own lived experience of race or their need to respond to race in a professional capacity. These are powerful narratives but are necessary to begin a conversation about race, class and control that is long overdue. At this event we will look at systems of power and oppression that have been used against therapists of colour to then open the door to further conversations about our clients of colour.

If you are a practicing music therapist, music practitioner or simply want to be part of this necessary conversation, this event will create debate, ideas and a space to explore holistic practice for clients and service users alike. These may be difficult spaces to engage in but no longer optional. We nonetheless hope you choose to be part of this discussion despite the trepidation you may encounter within yourselves. Book your space today and join the path to significant change.

The event will be recorded and available a few days after the live event. You will receive the link via the email you supplied to register for this event.

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