Psychosocial Sonic Mapping: Breaking the Cycles of Injustice in Music Education - A Phenomenological Creative Approach

17 June 2021

hursday 17 June 2021

10.00am - 1.00pm

Online via Zoom


How do the ‘inner’ constellations of our sound and musical memories, listening habits and aural experiences resonate with the ‘outer’ soundscape of a world in crisis?

The pilot event for ‘Breaking the Cycles of Injustice in Music Education’ introduces a deeply reflexive approach to interrogating our musical influences, values and beliefs, exploring how these inform our work with children and young people in 21st century Britain.

It will be based upon the idea of psychosocial sonic mapping, which involves assembling fragments of the music, sounds and silences that have surrounded and shaped us from birth. Sonic mapping also considers our intimate relationships to sound objects and technologies (e.g. the voice, instruments, the body, radio), tracking and tracing the construction of our musical worlds through our homes, families and community spaces.