12 May 2023 to 21 May 2023

Dates: May 12 (evening), May 13 & 14, 20 & 21

Supportive Music and Imagery (SMI) is a music-centred therapeutic method used to help clients develop and deepen the connection to their inner strengths and resources. The aim is to improve general wellbeing and support clients to cope with the challenges of everyday living and become more resilient. As an evidence-based method, SMI is suitable for short-term therapy that can be effectively delivered online as well as in person. SMI can be used with individuals and groups and in work with both children and adults. It can be helpful for clients with a wide range of mental health issues including, for example, those who’ve experienced trauma.

This online training in SMI, which will take place over two weekends, is open to qualified music therapists and those with similar therapeutic qualifications such is in art therapy or verbal psychotherapy. The training will cover all aspects of the delivery of SMI through didactic and experiential learning and will be followed by a period of supervised client work before qualifying.

Further information about SMI and the training are available from: https://www.integrativegim.org/copy-of-training-calendar.

To apply for a place, please contact: integrativegim@protonmail.com