Champernowne Course: Exploring psychological, spiritual and ethical issues through the arts.

19 November 2021 to 21 November 2021

This weekend will centre upon the theme of: ‘Alone and Together’. We hope that you will join us and dive in for this weekend online course. As we weave our way through an interactive blend of mythical story, image, dream, movement, drama, music, writing and voice explorations, we aim to offer a taste of our well-established and enriching residential
experience underpinned by the ideas of CG Jung.

Blended to nourish soul and psyche, the course will be led by experienced creative and
therapeutic professionals who will facilitate reflections on the individual and collective
experience, and support creative exploration of this very poignant theme in the light of the
current global pandemic.

In this unique online platform, you can freely interact as you wish at tables for small group chat and private conversations. From inspiring talks and discussions, both formal and informal, to arts workshops, social dreaming matrix, webcam art studio and online gallery, we hope to restart, replenish and explore internally, externally and individually as part of the Champernowne community

See attached flyer for more information.