BAMT Supervision & Diversity CPD event

06 February 2021

Just a note to confirm the above CPD event will take place next Saturday 6 February from 2-4.15pm. The discussions and reflections are led by Alphonso Archer (Music Therapy Student) and Davina Wilson (Music Therapist) as we look at this far reaching topic of diversity together, and the importance of awareness in supervision and beyond.

I will follow up with an email in the next day including reading/listening resources to draw on in preparation, and a zoom link so that you can join if you are able to attend.

There is no formal booking for this event, but it would help to know if you are attending so that we know the number of attendees as we prepare.

If you wish to attend, we understand that in doing so, you are willing to keep the usual boundaries of attendance to zoom meetings - such as:
muting yourself on arrival and unless you are in conversation with others,
meeting in an undisturbed area,
safeguarding the privacy of yourself and anyone else in your household,
use of headphones if you can be overheard, and
providing self care around your own needs - taking breaks when needed and turning your camera off if you need to attend to something else.

If you plan to attend, please email me at

We look forward to seeing you soon, and I will send the information to you for preparation in the next 24 hours.

A big thank you in advance to Alphonso Archer and Davina Wilson for leading the discussions for this CPD event.

With all best wishes

Joy Rickwood