BAMT CYPF Network Meeting

20 November 2021

Dear all,

Here is the outline of presentations for our next CYPF meeting online on the 20th November between 10.30 and 3pm, as you can see there is a rich and interesting range of presentations. As always there will be time for networking in the breaks and over lunchtime.

You can book your place through via the below link, hope to see you there.

Zeina Dib Nehmé "Voices forward"! Beruit September 2020, back to school during lockdown, moving forward despite it all... !

Matina Karastatira; Supportive Music and Imagery in a secondary school for children with emotional and behavioural issues.

Ruth Spencer: Waves Music Therapy Family Project: Working with Families in Recent Challenging Times.

Best wishes

Vicky Kammin

CYPF Network Coordinator